If you are reading this letter, you are a part of a truly historic moment in Le-Vel’s timeline. The moment before THRIVE ♾ launches.Since the first THRIVE order in September 2012, Le-Vel.com has accomplished quite a bit. We’ve led and dominated the sector in which we operate—novel innovations, technologies, branding, applications, delivery systems, patents, customer acquisition etc. etc. In fact, we even pioneered a completely new way to operate businesses in this sector by launching Le-Vel as the industry's first cloud-based operating model. All this innovation and momentum has led to an extremely favored and successful company, now approaching $2 Billion in lifetime sales and more than 10 million customers strong.

Another historic moment is now upon us, as the prelaunch of THRIVE ♾ has begun. What is ♾? It’s an ideal, it’s innovation, it’s another industry-first approach.

This ideal is much more than just a product—you must think much larger. It’s a concept, a new way of doing something, an entire product line if you will, but, most importantly, it’s capitalizing on one of the largest consumer shifts in the last 10 years, and that shift is just starting—the CBD revolution.

THRIVE ♾ is our disruptive way to not only enter this sector, but to pioneer a novel approach, an approach that conforms to our incredibly high standards, our look, our feel, our premium-grade philosophy, and to continue our novel way of being different…of doing things better. THRIVE ♾ is not just about CBD; this ideal is more than that. It is about combining the medicinal benefits CBD has to offer with novel, proprietary, technology driven applications—leading to one of the most advanced anti-aging systems in the last 100 years. Nutritional, medicinal, skincare, you name it, these type of anti-aging results have never before been seen or experienced. Never.

All that said, I urge you to seize this pre-launch moment. The moment before the storm, the shift, before the next chapter in our THRIVE movement unfolds.

The magic that can be utilized now before we go live, will not be seen again. Use this moment to build your business faster than ever before, to commit yourself to this very moment that you will never get back, and, if you do so, you will see rewards for these efforts like never before. The time is now.

I eagerly await the moment we get to reveal to you our ideal, and see the look on your faces as we conduct the first live demonstration in front of tens of thousands of THRIVERS at our annual THRIVEPALOOZA convention in April. Let’s lock arms together, write history, and dominate once again. Infinity begins 4/26.

Le-Vel Brands